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Stop nagging! iPhone 3G – what else do you need?

Folks, do you remember your 1st or 2nd cell phone? …your 1st PDA? …your first MP3 player or iPod? Do you have a navi in your car? I bet you too have been dreaming of a device that combines all that in one handy little thing!

iPhone 3GHey, it’s here!
iPod/MP3-Player + PDA + Phone + Web (fast and convenient) + Mail + Navigation + 3rd party software + Easy Handling (+ cool design)

No, it can’t make coffee nor pamper your baby. But yes, it has all these features listed above, within reach by one finger touch – the more – it’s easier to handle than your video recorder or your digital tv receiver at home.

Hey Nokia, Palm, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, Sagem – GOOD MORNING!!

Now we got everything in one handy device. What else do you need? Dear nay-sayers, It’s a mile stone, believe me.

  1. uli pollmann
    9. Juli 2008 um 10:12 am

    thats life . . .
    there is always an other option . . .
    think different . . . you remember???
    and win!
    the more it is discussed,
    the more it is of interest . . .
    thats my APPLE!!!

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